San Antonio Restaurant & Live Music Bar

Creating and maintaining a most unique dining, drinking entertainment experience is our goal.  And the task to accomplish this is quite basic.  Keep it simple, keep it Texas and offer good menu items with the best possible service.  Weather permitting and it usually is, step outside in the Beer Garden and enjoy the live music, picnic style dining, a private party or any one of the countless special events.


What Makes the Hofbrau Rim So Special?


Happy Hour at the Hofbrau Rim

The happy hour is a special time in which all worries should be forgotten and fun can reign. At the Hofbrau Rim San Antonio restaurant – your happy hour is assured and a good time is guaranteed.  With our range of amazing drinks, delicious food, and great atmosphere, you’ll have no problems having a relaxed, fun, stress-reducing experience.


The Hofbrau Rim is the Perfect San Antonio Live Music Bar

It’s easy to be a big fan of live music. But it can be difficult to know exactly where to go for consistently-great San Antonio live music. Well, if you’re searching for the best spot to enjoy not just great live music but also a spectacular atmosphere along with the best-tasting food and most delicious drinks imaginable, then look no further than the Hofbrau Rim’s San Antonio live music bar.


Relax & Enjoy Our San Antonio Outdoor Bar Patio

At the Hofbrau Rim you’ll enjoy one of the best drinking and dining experiences imaginable- especially if you come and join us out on our San Antonio outdoor bar patio. Whether you’re in the mood for some refreshing drinks, are interested in sampling some of our mouth-watering Texas-style menu items, or simply want a great place to spend a beautiful afternoon or evening, you can’t go wrong when you experience our wonderful outdoor bar patio.


Our Comfortable Banquet Facilities Are Perfect for Your Upcoming Event

At the Hofbrau Rim we offer more than just the most refreshing drinks and best-tasting Texas-style food. We’re also known for a comfortable, inviting atmosphere and our ability to cater to large groups for special corporate events. So if you’re searching for the perfect San Antonio banquet facilities for your upcoming event, then look no further than the Hofbrau Rim.